my humble beginning (failure, challenges and success)

Small but mighty

Hello friend...welcome to my secret room!

I would like to know how you came across this secret room. Probably, you heard my partner talking about me in my business blog ( or maybe a friend of yours gist you about a village boy like me who struggles day-and-night to make his dream come true. I'm so glad to see you here. Well, there is nothing much to tell you but a little piece about my blogging journey.

We all learn from our mistakes and sometimes God connects us with people that would try all their best to help us in life. You don't know who you might help tomorrow, therefore never underestimate your hustle. The reason that you don't make it today is also the reason why you will make it tomorrow. So, never give up no matter the obstacle. To cut the long story short, here is my little blogging experience for the past 4 good years.

My humble beginning right from the campus (Failures, Challenges And Success)

The first time I started Blogging was in 2016. I was searching for how to make money online and I came across many articles online written by Nigerian bloggers. Very curative and informative. Many of them explain why Blogging is the best way to make money online in Nigeria legitimately.

I asked myself a question "...And so do Nigerian Bloggers making such money online???". My research turned over to Google homepage and I searched "how many Bloggers making money online in Nigeria"..Boom!!!..To my surprise, Linda Ikeja was ranked first on the list. I read about Linda Ikeji, it was like a dream to me the first time I saw her net worth (14.5 billion naira). Oh my God, I can't really believe this....billions of Naira!!!

Among the rest are, founder of ogbongeblog, bellanaija, naijaloaded and others which I can't list here. But I'm going to write about them one after the other including their net worths, pictures, full name and biography.

I was so inspired by Linda Ikeji and Harsh Agrawal because of the way they are making it BIG online. I feel so keen to start Blogging all because I want to make money online not knowing that I'm taking the wrong direction. YES! I MEAN IT.

My research continued after which I learned that there are two popular Blogging platforms which are WORDPRESS and BLOGSPOT. The former is self-hosted  platform (you pay for every sh*t you uploaded on the platform) while the letter is a free-hosted platform (you do everything for free but you pay for it with your time and energy).

Since I don't have money to pay for web hosting and I'm not that too tech-savvy back then in 2016, then I decided to launch my blog on blogspot platform which I can't remember the URL anymore. Eventually, I quit Blogging in 2016 because of the following reasons:

Firstly, My education>>> Back then I was in 200level at Bayero University Kano, studying Bsc. architecture. So, I decided to quit Blogging and  focus more on my studies. 

Secondly, I took the wrong direction because>>> my AIM was to "get rich quick" not knowing that Blogging is a long way journey.

Thirdly, Blogging challenges>>> the SEO (search engine optimization) stuff, contents creation stuff and being confused about profitable niche stuff.


1. My first mistake was, I didn't give time to learn Blogging before I started Blogging.
2. Having the habit of "get-rich-quick"
3. Not knowing the actual and lucrative niche that can make me money from my blog.
4. Being discouraged about Blogging on a free-hosted platform (blogspot).
5. Giving excuses in 2016 despite that I wanted to focus on my studies.

Blogging is a business. Therefore, one needs to get trained and put ultimate efforts to keep the balls rolling. It pain me for not coming across someone, maybe a pro blogger, that will tell me all this before I start. So, it's an opportunity for you to put this ideas and experience into ACTION.


In 2018, I launched a new tech blog ( because many Bloggers have been shouting that tech niche is the most lucrative niche in the blogosphere. YES! it is. But, the FACT is that, the success of each Blogging niche (e.g education, health, how-tos, lifestyle, entertainment niche, etc) depends on your targeted audience.

Before choosing any profitable niche, ask yourself a question "WHO ARE MY AUDIENCE, WHO DO I WANT TO REACH, WHAT VALUE OR IN WHICH WAY WOULD I IMPACT POSITIVELY TO THE PEOPLE THAT I WANT TO REACH. I finally realized that this is the reason behind my failure over the past 3 years.

Guess what??...I swear with Almighty God this is the secret some pro bloggers will never tell you. They only share such great tips and secrets in their premium ebooks. I love you and I want you to grow that is why I'm sharing this with you for free.

You can spend years blogging without knowing this...It happened to me... the only thing you can find online is a different profitable niche to blog about but no pro blogger will tell you why you should decide niche B instead of niche A, neither telling you why knowing your audience is the first step in blogging.

Whatever you are Blogging about if you target your audience wella you will surely generate huge income from your blog. Think of local business, the first thing to do when starting a brick and mortar business is deciding a good location for the business. Why good location?.. Targeting the right customers.

The same thing happened in blogging my friend. Nevertheless, I will share more with you at just make sure you SUBSCRIBE to receive more fresh updates on blogging and business tips.

Despite that I got a lot of sponsored adverts in 2019 on and I charged not less than 100$-150$ per each advertisement but I still took the wrong direction because I really don't know my audience, I really don't know why I'm blogging. To impact on society or just to make money?. Maybe my reason was to make Who doesn't want to make money?..Am sure you also wanna make  millions online. Keep reading. I will show you how I make my first 1million naira in 2020 despite the pandemic!.

My first $100 dollars in 2019 encouraged me to keep pushing until I made 1 million in 2020

I can't keep uploading screenshots here but honestly there are many of them. My first advice for you (especially the newbies) is to know that Blogging is not all about making millions online. You can't compare yourself with those making big money from their blogs.

Just play your game and catch fun as long as you can renew your web hosting (if you're using WordPress) with the little you're making. At least, you can also buy sneakers and a new bra for your girlfriend or you can sponsor your boyfriend to study abroad...Lol…

DON'T put money first if you want to succeed in Blogging. Focus on creating contents, providing value and engaging with your audience, money will flow leter. The reason why you should not prioritize money when you're just starting is because, to be honest with you, you won't make any dime once your audience realizes that you're dragging with their pocket.. Lol.

Remember you're writing for human beings to read not bots. Despite that you're behind the screen, your contents define your personality. And believe me once your audience noticed that you're self-centered nobody will visit your blog and they won't patronise your services....NO TRAFFIC NO MONEY!

Honestly, Blogging is fun, Blogging is passion and Blogging is business. Depending on the direction you take. If you take a look at top successful Bloggers in Nigeria, most of them are entertainment Bloggers and passionate about their Blogging and all what it takes. They create happiness for themselves through Blogging and make their audience happy, they create engagement between them and their audience. While money is flowing in their pocket.


Ending 2019, I decided to change my direction. I started researching the secret of successful Bloggers and I came across nail Patel's blog. Nail Patel is an SEO expert and one of the most successful and famous bloggers in the world. I digested a lot of meaningful contents from his blog. I could remember one of his posts where he quoted "if you want to hide a secret from an illiterate person write it in a book. They will never read it." To me, the quote was so funny but I later realized that it's a nacked truth which I can't deny. He also stated that "there is no valuable content on the internet that can make you a successful Blogger; the secrets are hidden in online courses and e-books". I learned my lesson from these little quotes from Nail Patel.

I started searching for the best Blogging ebooks and amazingly, I landed on the BEST BLOGGING EBOOK by problogger. I took the risk and bought the e-book, the risk that changed my life. I found all the secrets that I wanted to know in the blogosphere, the truth and dare of Blogging, the tips and tricks. (The above link is an affiliate link, I will earn a commission once you buy the eBook at no cost to you😉😎😜)

The lesson I learnt was you can blog about anything and everything and make money out of it so far you target the right audience. I learnt that relying on Google AdSense to make Money online is a waste of time. No wonder none of them is using it.

I also learnt that the most successful Bloggers make money from affiliate marketing, sponsorship, Providing services online, selling their products or online courses. Now, it's time to unleash the beast. Did I tell you that I'm a good graphics designer and social media marketing consultant??...

Hoo!...these are the  skills I have been learning during my blogging journey. AMAZING!... The real story is here!

I created a new blogger blog ( and decided to offer my services (graphic design, social media marketing consultancy)

After launching my new blog I listed all my services in my contact page. Then, I used my SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge to drive traffic to my blog from google and social media. With a lot of hard work and God's willing, I started getting clients requesting for my services.

I run Facebook ads for different clients, graphic design for different start-up companies and I got a partnership with DIIDOL (web development company). All these progress and success from blogging. Just writing and God not wonderful?!


Well, I told you that I will show you a clean proof of my first one million naira from blogging right???...HERE IS A PROOF..BUT let me tell you how I made f*cking 800k from a single client in 2020. 

Here are my tactics. Once I publish a post in my blog, I will share it on my social handles with the right keywords. The reason why I always tag keywords is to target the right audience that are interested in my services on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. I also used SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to drive traffic from google and target the right customers searching for a particular product or looking to hire a social media marketing consultant and graphic designer online, because these are the services I offered online.

Fortunately, in April, I hit up a client requesting for graphic design. He's working with a non profit organization here in Nigeria and they want a graphic designer that will handle their flyers for a particular contest. I worked for them throughout the month of April and charged them 800k CASH!...screenshot below.

This is not just the money I have made so far. I have been making a living from these businesses. But 1million naira is my  biggest testimony because I made it in a single month. And that is the reason why I decided to write my first free eBook (5 LUCRATIVE SIDE HUSTLE YOU CAN START RIGHT FROM THE CAMPUS) so that the students in my community and across the globe should benefit.

Also, to  encourage the young entrepreneurs who are ready to take risks that will skyrocket their businesses.  With blogging, I was able to promote my o services. When it comes to understanding Facebook algorithms to target the right audience, I'm a SPEC in that. There are a lot of opportunities to leverage as a blogger in Nigeria.


NEVER GIVE UP...NEVER GIVE UP...I repeat again..NEVER GIVE UP...had it been I gave up since 2016 I would have not made such money today. I followed all the hecks to succeed, there wasn't someone to guide me through. With trial by error I was able to achieve my dream. And now here is a shortcut for you...I mean shortcut to success.

Don't let anyone deceive you because there is always that particular shortcut to success. Now, I'm giving you what I spent over 4 good years to learn before I succeeded in a single day. Is that not a shortcut??.. And I'm very sure that if you take the advantage of any skills listed here you will WIN ASAP.

And I'm here to help you through your struggles. I will be sharing some of my blogging marketing strategy and powerful tools that I used to make money online.

If you're interested in learning blogging and making passive income online, I'm introducing you to my premium eBook which I spent almost 4 good months working on. The book title is BLOGGING IN DEMAND (secrets to paying blogging).



Despite that I have been blogging on free hosted platform ( before launching my startup (cehub). I will advice you to launch your new blog on WordPress platform.

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